CESNET-CERTS has been the official name of the CESNET Computer Security Incident Response Team since January 2004. The team consists of employees of the CESNET Association. CESNET-CERTS headquarters are located in Generála Píky 430/26, Prague, Czech Republic.


Our constituency covers the CESNET2 network, i.e., all IP addresses within the AS2852 autonomous system, as well as the ROWANET AS48091. The CESNET-CERTS team is fully responsible for handling and responding to security incidents in domains

  • acad.cz
  • ces.net
  • cesnet2.cz
  • cesnet.asia
  • cesnet-ca.cz
  • cesnet-certs.cz
  • cesnet.cz
  • cesnet.eu
  • cesnet.hk
  • cesnet.in
  • cesnet.tw
  • cypherfix.cz
  • czu-cz.cz
  • eduid.cz
  • eduroam.cz
  • e-infra.cz
  • einfra.cz
  • e-infrastruktury.cz
  • einfrastruktury.cz
  • eu-egi.eu
  • flab.cz
  • ipv6.cz
  • liberouter.eu
  • liberouter.net
  • liberouter.org
  • lifescienceid.org
  • metacentrum.cz
  • netboot.cz
  • netopeer.org
  • nren.cz
  • perun-aai.org
  • research-infrastructures.cz
  • ten.cz
  • thecatch.cz
  • ultragrid.cz
  • vyzkumne-infrastruktury.cz
  • vyzkumneinfrastruktury.cz
  • warden.cz

and in the CESNET2 internal infrastructure marked as INFRA-AW in the RIPE database.

CESNET-CERTS can help solving problem in the whole Autonomous systems AS2852 and AS48091. A complete RFC 2350-compliant team description is available here.

Contact information

  • Phone number: +420 234 680 222
  • Timezone: CET (GMT+0100 in winter, GMT+0200 in summer)
  • E-mail address: certs@cesnet.cz
  • Twitter account: @CESNET_CERTS
  • PGP Master key (use for verification of our other keys):
    • User ID: CESNET-CERTS <certs@cesnet.cz>, <abuse@cesnet.cz>
    • Key ID: 0x97D157FF6F7F277E
    • Fingerprint: 95FD F42E AC0E A05A 9F4E 0CE1 97D1 57FF 6F7F 277E
  • Obsolete PGP key (please don't use any more):
    • User ID: CESNET-CERTS <certs@cesnet.cz>
    • Key ID: 0xF9BFC7419CAA8579
    • Fingerprint: 341D 3EB0 0160 941F 6A06 4401 F9BF C741 9CAA 8579

Contacting us

The preferred method to contact the CESNET-CERTS team is to send an e-mail to the address certs@cesnet.cz. Should you need to send us some confidential information, please encrypt your message using our public PGP key.

Reporting security incidents

To report an incident of network abuse to CESNET-CERTS please follow these guidelines.

Our goals

  • Providing a single, trusted point of contact for the CESNET2 network.
  • Coordinating the handling of security incidents which originated in the CESNET2 and ROWANET network, as well as preventing such incidents.
  • Helping the CESNET2 and ROWANET members and customers to improve their computer and network security.
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