CESNET-CERTS has been the official name of the CESNET Computer Security Incident Response Team since January 2004. The team consists of employees of the CESNET Association. CESNET-CERTS headquarters are located in Zikova 4, Prague, Czech Republic.


Our constituency covers the CESNET2 network, i.e., all IP addresses within the AS2852 autonomous system, as well as the ROWANET AS48091. The CESNET-CERTS team is fully responsible for handling and responding to security incidents in domains

  • acad.cz
  • ces.net
  • cesnet2.cz
  • cesnet.asia
  • cesnet-ca.cz
  • cesnet-certs.cz
  • cesnet.cz
  • cesnet.eu
  • cesnet.hk
  • cesnet.in
  • cesnet.tw
  • cypherfix.cz
  • czu-cz.cz
  • eduid.cz
  • eduroam.cz
  • e-infra.cz
  • einfra.cz
  • e-infrastruktury.cz
  • einfrastruktury.cz
  • eu-egi.eu
  • flab.cz
  • ipv6.cz
  • liberouter.eu
  • liberouter.net
  • liberouter.org
  • lifescienceid.org
  • metacentrum.cz
  • netboot.cz
  • netopeer.org
  • nren.cz
  • perun-aai.org
  • research-infrastructures.cz
  • ten.cz
  • thecatch.cz
  • ultragrid.cz
  • vyzkumne-infrastruktury.cz
  • vyzkumneinfrastruktury.cz
  • warden.cz

and in the CESNET2 internal infrastructure marked as INFRA-AW in the RIPE database.

CESNET-CERTS can help solving problem in the whole Autonomous systems AS2852 and AS48091. A complete RFC 2350-compliant team description is available here.

Contact information

  • Phone number: +420 234 680 222
  • Timezone: CET (GMT+0100 in winter, GMT+0200 in summer)
  • E-mail address: certs@cesnet.cz
  • Twitter account: @CESNET_CERTS
  • PGP Master key (use for verification of our other keys):
    • User ID: CESNET-CERTS <certs@cesnet.cz>, <abuse@cesnet.cz>
    • Key ID: 0x97D157FF6F7F277E
    • Fingerprint: 95FD F42E AC0E A05A 9F4E 0CE1 97D1 57FF 6F7F 277E
  • Obsolete PGP key (please don't use any more):
    • User ID: CESNET-CERTS <certs@cesnet.cz>
    • Key ID: 0xF9BFC7419CAA8579
    • Fingerprint: 341D 3EB0 0160 941F 6A06 4401 F9BF C741 9CAA 8579

Contacting us

The preferred method to contact the CESNET-CERTS team is to send an e-mail to the address certs@cesnet.cz. Should you need to send us some confidential information, please encrypt your message using our public PGP key.

Reporting security incidents

To report an incident of network abuse to CESNET-CERTS please follow these guidelines.

Our goals

  • Providing a single, trusted point of contact for the CESNET2 network.
  • Coordinating the handling of security incidents which originated in the CESNET2 and ROWANET network, as well as preventing such incidents.
  • Helping the CESNET2 and ROWANET members and customers to improve their computer and network security.
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