CESNET-CERTS is the official name of the CESNET Computer Security Incident Response Team since January 2004. The team consists of employees of CESNET Association. CESNET-CERTS headquarters are located in Zikova 4, Prague, Czech Republic.


Our constituency covers the CESNET2 network, i.e, all IP addresses within the AS2852 autonomous system. The CESNET-CERTS team is fully responsible for handling and responding to security incidents in domains,,,,,,, and in the CESNET2 internal infrastructure marked as INFRA-AW in the RIPE database.

Contact information

Contacting us

The preferred method to contact CESNET-CERTS team is to send an e-mail to the address <>. In case you need to send us confidential information, please, use our PGP public key to encrypt the message.

Reporting security incidents

To report an incident of network abuse to CESNET-CERTS please follow these guidelines.

Our goals

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